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    Teaser Paragraph:

    We are preparing to enter Twilight War, and website / forums are being updated slighty.

    ? What is Twilight War: After the Fall (or Twilight War for short)?

    Twilight War is an Extreme Online Roleplaying Game (XORG) that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 2296, two hundred years after the Doomsday War between mankind and alien invaders rendered much of the Earth uninhabitable and destroyed Human civilization.

    ? What is an XORG?

    MMORPGFPS? FPSMMORPG? Screw it, those are too hard to pronounce! It's a new game concept, so it deserves a new acronym! "XORG" stands for Extreme Online Roleplaying Game, a hybrid between MMORPGs and FPSs. An XORG has depth, persistence, expansiveness, adrenaline pumping action, graphics detail, and realism all at the same time smile.gif

    ? Who developed Twilight War?

    Smiling Gator Productions developed Twilight War.

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