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    Teaser Paragraph:

    For those that own a iOS device (Ipad, Ipod Touch, Iphone), you can download for a limited time Teamspeak 3 for free, Normaly $4.99

    This offer is good from December 10th - 23rd. Get your copy now.

    Now that you have it you can import your normal FeC identity on it if you follow these steps.

    1. Export your identities to an ini file (Settings -> Identities -> Export) (Teamspeak 3 PC)
    2. Connect your iOS device to computer and launch iTunes
    3. Select your device on the left and choose the Apps tab
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the Apps tab to see a list of applications on your device that support iTunes file sharing
    5. Select the TeamSpeak app
    6. Either click the Add button or drag & drop the ini file on the file area (the file will immediately be transferred over to your device)

    The next time you launch TeamSpeak from scratch it will automatically import the identities and remove the ini file.

    Teaser Paragraph:

    NEED Artists, Grinders, and Recruiters!

    Earn yourself some Gold!!

    Okay, so I got a few contests I would like to run and talk about.

    1. T57 Race-

    First two players to attain the T57, including buying it, not just researching it, will earn themselves 500 gold.

    2. Icon & Emblem

    Looking for artists or graphics designers to design ourselves a clan Icon to have on the clan map to show our stuff. As well as an emblem for the actual tank. Should we use one of your designs you will be awarded 300 gold

    3. Recruitment Poster

    Looking for someone to design a recruitment poster to have placed in the World of Tanks forums. Any posters used the creator will receive a gold award of 500 gold.

    Good Luck all!

    Teaser Paragraph:

    Everyday @ 8pm est. we will be holding practices. Team 1 vs. Team 2

    Earn your spot!

    At 8pm est. we will be doing practices, be ready with your tank at that time. Invites will be sent and expected to have the first game rolling within a couple of minutes not a half an hour!

    We will be using tier 6 tanks, including light and tier 4 arty.

    Heavy - KV1S, KV2, T150

    Medium - Vk3601, vk3001h, vk 3001p, easy 8, t-34-85

    Light - type 62 and amx 12t

    TD - M18 Hellcat, DickerMax, M36, SU100, AMX AC 46

    Arty - m7priest, grille, su-5, AMX105AM

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