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    New Server (Information & Changes)

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    The new server is hooked up and ready to go. ill get windows installed and get everything setup.

    New Server

    • CPU: E3-1270v2
    • RAM: 24GB Memory
    • HDD: 1TB HDD
    • HDD #2:Intel 520 Series Enterprise 120GB SSD Drive
    • MB: SuperMicro IPMI Motherboard
    • CASE:SuperMicro SC512 Chassis

    The old server will stay the same for now. Im not going to reformat as its a huge hassle. ill buy a new drive for it and back up our stuff then restore after i format. ill use the new drive for our webserver allowing us to host more. I was thinking either a 1Tb or 2tb drive but it depends on donations and subscriptions.

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