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    Clan Website/Forums Redesign & Update (Part 28)

    • Teaser Paragraph:



    • Fusion Menu Front Page Navigation


    • IP: Nexus to version 1.4.2
    • IP: Board to version 3.3.0
    • IP: Content to version 2.3.0 & 2.3.1
    • IP: Calendar to version 3.3.0
    • Shoutbox to version 1.2.8 & 1.3.0 & 1.3.1 & 1.3.2
    • Members Online Today to version 1.1.0
    • Group Name Indicator to version 1.1.0
    • Global Forum Message to version 1.1.0
    • ibEconomy to version 2.1.0
    • IPC: Media Systems to version 1.2.2
    • Tropical Breeze to version 3.3
    • Recruitment System (Application fields)


    • Support / Subscriptions to Support / Suggestions in the Front Page Navigation
    • Subscriptions to Store / Game Server (Admin) & FeC Subscriptions in the Front Page Navigation
    • Recruitment System to Leader Recruitmen System in the [FeC] Only Front Page Navigation
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    Some of the pages you renamed on the front page haven't had their names changed on the actual page. For example the Leader Recruitment System links to a page that's just titled "Recruitment System." Oh and the top links (forum navigation, information & rules, etc) should link to something besides the front page.

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    They link to different things if you hover over them, but if you click on any of them, I think they bring you to the front page.

    The Leader recruitment and recruitment system are the same thing. If you're a casual member, you see Leader Recruitment in the navigation but it still goes to the "main" recruitment system. I just renamed it for FeC members only because you can't see the normal FeC recruitment applications.

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    Yeah, I just think there should be a main page for each of the major tabs, that way if you click on one you are brought somewhere besides the homepage.

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    I'll talk to invision about this as clicking the main menu shouldn't have any effect as the URL is blank on those. Hopefully that will fix the issue :)

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