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  1. Hello Guys & Girls of FeC! Well I have been gone for the past few months, For various reasons, Most of you may not know me anymore, Despite my good performance in FeC Clan Wars and interactions with the rest of its members. A few very months ago, I was moved out of the Main Division into the FEC Elite Clan Division, But, Apparently this Division was not yet suited for Clan Wars until a later period, I eventually no longer felt the need to log on, As I was unable to help with the clan wars for the moment, Due to things In Real Life. ALso WoT for the past few months also drained a very excessive amount of Bandwidth, Of which I dont have a lot because of the Area I live in, In my country. I also rebuilt my Corporation in EVE Online for the past 7 Months, But the Alliance I ended up with, Screwed everything up, We were up to 80 folks, And it did not even take 2 months to close down the Corporations Door, Not because of Bad corporate leadership, I had an active chain of command with active officers, But all it took, Was one person, A "Founder" of the Alliance, To piss off folks who later left for being infuriated, I ofcourse, Could not do much because that guy had a lot more authority and words of power than I did. SO I am back in WoT now, And I wish to return to the Main Division for a taste of Clan Wars and being able to platoon up with some Clan Mates once more! See if we can get some new provinces, SInce I see we have downgraded a bit! But we have yet another chance to prove our worth once more, And if you take a look at my win/loss Ratio, Don't be fooled by it. I play better than I am "supposed" to. Good to be back! Let's kick some asses! CLAN FEC FTW!! Regards, JusticeZ
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