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  1. Titanfall (Leaders needed)

    God I'm looking forward to this game, already all pre ordered and paid off.
  2. Hawken

    Hey everyone, its Cutbait again. Sorry I havent been on world of tanks a lot lately, but I've been very busy with all sorts of things. Anyways, I just wanted to post and tell you all the game I mentioned a while back, HAWKEN, is out now and its free to play. Google the name and you should have no problem finding it. I should be back in TS eventually so until then, see you all again sometime soon.
  3. Hawken

    Im in the beta right now, its great once you get used to it
  4. Hawken

    Anyone else going to be playing this? I believe it was SirTalksAlot that I told about this game first. Anyways I got myself a closed beta key, so ill be posting more on this game when I feel like ive got into it pretty deep. If anyone else wants to play, Talks and I were speculating about putting together a Hawken branch of FeC if we got enough people. So yeah, post here if your interested.