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  1. Armada

  2. Today i placed a recruitment ad for World Of Tanks on the WOT forums it aint big news but we are doing something. here is the link to it http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/293884-farmers-of-the-eastern-caribean-is-recruiting/ . Lest hope it will pay off.
  3. Teamspeak 3 (Issues)

    wy not start over and link it directly into our website so when ppl create a account on the website theyt will be automaticly given appropriate rights on the ts3 server alot of gaming clans do it like that.
  4. New Warframe Co-Leader

    grats James on the promotion.
  5. what is VigLink??? and what do you meen by the renaming part?
  6. I have started a raffle it will run 2 weeks everyone can take part of it even leadership so ppl participate and maybe you will be lucky. http://forums.clanfec.com/index.php?app=raffles
  7. Warframe has a Section Leader!

    What has the world come to they made you a section leader hehhe. GRATS!!!!! on becoming a Section Leader.
  8. Player of the Month Event LeaderBoard. Name. EXP. #1. Wagamos 2.526 #2. MrSpray 2.251 #3. TroubleMaker 2.211 #4. Quizz 2.154 #5. Bighawke 2.146 AND THE WINNER IS WAGAMOS congratulations you have won 1250 gold.
  9. It is Official now i have a new Co-Leader he is Reorix he is the Co-Leader for the Casual section of the WoT clan so be nice to him.
  10. wy source the new one just got released?? just a question m8 i got source and i played tournaments and all but not realy intrested in doing one now but i dont mind joining up for some ownage on other servers.