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  2. Today i placed a recruitment ad for World Of Tanks on the WOT forums it aint big news but we are doing something. here is the link to it http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/293884-farmers-of-the-eastern-caribean-is-recruiting/ . Lest hope it will pay off.
  3. wy not start over and link it directly into our website so when ppl create a account on the website theyt will be automaticly given appropriate rights on the ts3 server alot of gaming clans do it like that.
  4. grats James on the promotion.
  5. what is VigLink??? and what do you meen by the renaming part?
  6. I have started a raffle it will run 2 weeks everyone can take part of it even leadership so ppl participate and maybe you will be lucky. http://forums.clanfec.com/index.php?app=raffles
  7. What has the world come to they made you a section leader hehhe. GRATS!!!!! on becoming a Section Leader.
  8. Player of the Month Event LeaderBoard. Name. EXP. #1. Wagamos 2.526 #2. MrSpray 2.251 #3. TroubleMaker 2.211 #4. Quizz 2.154 #5. Bighawke 2.146 AND THE WINNER IS WAGAMOS congratulations you have won 1250 gold.
  9. It is Official now i have a new Co-Leader he is Reorix he is the Co-Leader for the Casual section of the WoT clan so be nice to him.
  10. wy source the new one just got released?? just a question m8 i got source and i played tournaments and all but not realy intrested in doing one now but i dont mind joining up for some ownage on other servers.
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