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  2. There's more than one team, don't worry. :P Team YOLO: 1. Nam 2. Morbid 3. Ocean 4. SK 5. Papaburrito 6. Corpse Also James, you need a team name!
  3. ? = ??????? = ? Come one, come all! As some of you have heard, there's going to be a FeC Killing Floor Competition. The exact date hasn't been scheduled, but it will be sometime after Christmas (Dec 25) to avoid any conflicts with Holiday plans. The competition will be held using a mission map. The team to go the farthest will be the winner! :) If there is a tie, the map will be played on a harder difficulty by the remaining teams. There will be one spectator monitoring each game to ensure a fair game is being played. If you would like to participate, you must post on the forums. Details below! UPDATE (Jan 19, 2013): Date has been set to this week or next week UPDATE (Jan 21, 2013): All teams must start the competition within a week Rules: o1. Be nice. This is a friendly competition among clanmates, the main goal is to have fun. 02. Non-FeC members are allowed to participate, but must be cleared by a section leader beforehand. 03. No glitching / exploits allowed o4. Practice must be done on your own time * Your team may be disqualified if some of these rules are broken! Map: Damnation-Mission-ReVamp by Fel Starting difficulty: Normal Average gameplay time: 1 hour "Azura, the trader, has been held captive by the Zombie Cult. We have reason to believe that she will be sacrificed tonight, so we must go rescue her. Your job is to infiltrate the Cult's compound, and gain access to their monastery. Once she is rescued, make your way out of the compound, and back to the city streets for extraction." I made a collage of some pictures I found, in case you want to see what the map looks like. http://i45. tinypic .com/34ywuaq.jpg REMEMBER, this is a mission map! There is no trader, but there are weapons and ammo scattered around the map for you to collect, teamwork is required to succeed! Prizes: 01. Gloating rights 02. Your choice of one Killing Floor DLC o3. Darksiders o4. Metro 2033 o5. Red Faction: Armageddon o6. Company of Heroes + Expansions 07. $10 * Prizes provided by James and Xcalibur - Be sure to thank them! Teams: How to join: You must post your team name, and the members of your team. Only one post is required per team! 6 players max, there is no minimum. The team can be as small as you want. Ask permission before adding someone to your team to avoid conflicts or overlapping of members. * Number of teams not limited 01. [ Team ] Chicken Chokers: Blueballs, Papaburrito, Mr.Eyebite, Detnah, Rainbow Dash 02. [ Team] Dark Blades: James, Bob, Sunny, Raven, Ace, Derpyionz 03. [ Team ] Venture: Xcalibur, Azorius, Panahedan, Aurarianna 04. [ Team ] name: Chance, Ryker, Witch Hunter, Mr. Gill o5. [ Team ] Swag: Sk74, OceanSnow, Corpse o6. [ Team name: List of members ] Bracket: I have created a "bracket" that will be updated if any ties occur! Round 1 ____________________ Team one ____________________ VS. Team two ____________________ VS. Team three ____________________ VS. Team four ____________________ Round 2 ____________________ Team A ____________________ VS. Team B ____________________ Round 3 ____________________ VICTORY TEAM! ____________________
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