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  1. Hey guys, I have made a spreadsheet where you can fill in your scores and it gives you how many points you won/lost, how many games you have input, and the average points won/lost. Feel free to use it to keep track of your data. I first decided to make this when somebody told me it took 2 wins to cancel a loss (which I have found completely inaccurate). Overwatch - Season II Competitive Stats Template.xlsx
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anybody has a good wifi card that plays well with windows 8... I have always used USB wifi adapters that worked perfectly fine on windows 7, but ever since i upgraded to windows 8 months ago I havent found a good one. It seems to be a driver issue that causes them to disconnect every 10 mins - several hours. And yes, i did try updating the drivers... and reinstalling them. Thank you for your opinions, Eric
  3. I used to like the iphone, but it was really weak. True this was in the 3gs times, but it also had to be jailbroken in order to have any kind of customization. I enjoy the androids since you can change so many things without having to be a super user. It also is quick and doesnt have any of the issues i had using ios
  4. Why are there teams of 5 and 6 when there is a team of 3? That seems uncool to me
  5. Heres a link to the rom for those like me who dont have it > http://sykosis.co.uk/kfmwhitelist/372/kf-damnation-mission-revamp
  6. okay... is this map on our servers? I cant seem to find it...
  7. Somebody adopt me to their team, Im not sure I have played on this map though
  8. At first i thought i somehow went to the wrong site... lol
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