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  1. Age of Wushu is an intriguing free to play MMO from China. You play as a martial arts expert, but there aren't any levels or character classes. You learn your skills from one of eight schools of combat, and will be able to raid other schools to gain bonus knowledge and unlock more abilities. You'll be able to train your character outside of the game as well, using 30 "offline activities." Official Site: http://www.ageofwushu.com/
  2. CO's oriental assassin has finally come! I have started playing in their new server, the
  3. I have seen many assassins from WOW, Assassin
  4. Yesterday, I found the official site for CO3, which is filled with up-to-date information, new maps, mobs, characters and skills, etc. The game gives me excitement and it
  5. So anyone else wanna talk about your list?
  6. I played this game long time ago, and totally forgot about it.
  7. Have you guys played those above games? What kind of sim mmo do you like to play? And why?
  8. Except from fantasy games, I am also in fond of simulation games. Because they give players a second chance to simulate real life experiences. And it is lucky that there are more and more good free sim mmos that even don
  9. I heard it would release this month. But i don't know which day.
  10. Does anyone wanna help me? Thanks!
  11. http://www.remanum.com Currently my PC can
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