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  2. OOooooo which perk..... yes which perk.... It really depends... 1. On group structure 2. map layout 3. survival chances so, my favs in order 1. Berserker 2. Firebug 3. Demo 4. Sharpy 5. Support 6. Commando 7. Medic Biggest tip I can give you, learn to play the classes as best you can... then get a hold of James and I and learn to kite on HOE maps =-)
  3. Is this live? haha, sorry, just got back online in about 2 and half weeks. Props to Western Digital for getting my RMA turnaround in 1 day.
  4. Name: Alex Age:34 Sex: Do I pay for that? Drinking?: Miller Lite Experience : Played Ultima Online for 3 years, and played EQ for 4 years. I may be checking the game out soon.
  5. Happy Birthday, You havent caught me yet!
  6. Well, ok, Zerker was OP at trash mobs and most bosses. I still havent seen one solo Crawermax legit yet. My siren was built for solo Steel Anarchy (best non modded weapon) Im trying to find my Ini files now. I never reinstalled it after I switched to Win 7 64 found them, now i have to install a legit copy of the game, since mine was my brother in laws disc.
  7. Let me rehash this a bit, I'm not in! I loved Borderlands, I played all the classes maxed out levels and had the best weapons for each class in the game. With that being said, The Siren was my favorite class. Why I will wait for B2 GOTY edition now. First, They nerfed the phasewalking and and a phase stun lock. WTF!!!! that was the single best reason to play a siren in the first game. It was like the "Oh shit" button in some cases. Hit phasewalk and poof your gone. Support was an ok class, Zerker was decent, Sharp shoot was the bomb shit with the right pistols. But siren with her SMG's was unstoppable. I could solo the big ass worm by myself no glitching the side canyon to kill it. General knox was a punk too, big disappointment. I did the armory runs so many times I could probably do it blindfolded. Overall with the right Siren build, she was unstoppable and my favorite class. Now they are making her more into a crowd control class which in my game play has never and will never be needed. /rant off Oh well, at least I have killing floor.
  8. With all the technology we have access too. It leaves me to boggle at the fact this never happened. Nothing, and I mean nothing would be better than two gay vampire talibans sitting there talking. It would go something along the lines ... " We have to go set the IED to blow up the convoy coming through" " You need to blow me first" " Oh you're so silly Verdesh!" " Hey look at that guys ass" " I would totally drink his blood! " "Weren't we blowing things?" /facepalm
  9. Waiting.... Cant wait for Nvidia's new graphic cards come out. Why? Because I wont be buying one, but will be buying the previous generation card, most likely a 560 or 570 series. I cant see paying a whole ton of money for a card, Still have my Gtx275 which is good enough to play most games. On Killing floor I get a solid 90+ fps on every map. Just added a new cpu cooler to my rig. So overclocking will be soon, but, I dont even need to do that. It eats up every game i play. Core I7 920 Cooler Master V8 cpu cooler 6gb Gskill ram Gigabyte LGA 1366 Ud3r Motherboard Nvidia GTX275 1tb WD black HD 1tb WD Green (sucks ass ) back up drive for storage only. ______________________ Future Upgrades 4X4gb of Gskill ram Gtx560-570 video card
  10. Been looking online today to try and find a whitelisted map pack with all the ones on your servers. However due to the government being d*cks they shut down the only link I could find and download without worry of viruses. Every other weekend, I have my 6 year old daughter so its hard to play online. So playing solo is best when i can pause the game. If you see me online and I'm not in chat, most likely it's my step son playing. I've told him not to talk and don't get me banned LOL ... he just likes to kill things. See you soon =-)
  11. See title and begin! Depends on map for me, but always like Support, and sharpshooter. Support can plow the field with the aa12 and the sharpshooter can drop anything quick with the xbow and duel wielding HC's.
  12. I've seen Potato, anymore playing? and hello !
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