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  1. So! I finally decided to play through ME1-ME3 with a 'perfect' character and then started thinking about what they will do with the game story after this. There are 3 possibilities that occurred to me. They are the Halo type, the Star Wars type, and the Warcraft type. Halo Type: Fairly simple, they finished 1 then 2 then 3, then went into prequels to 1. So from ME1, they would go back and do something about the First Contact War or something similar. Star Wars Type: (Don't shoot me). A little more complex. ME1-3 would be like episodes 4-6. They would probably make the next three about how Anderson was a candidate for the Spectres and was framed by Saren etc etc. Where they would take it from there? I don't know. Warcraft Type: (God save us all if they pick this one) They Made ME1-ME3 (WC1-WC3) and some DLC (EXP packs) for them. Now its time to make a MMORPG (I won't mind, as long as its F2P.) and like Blizzard did with WoW, utterly crush and butcher the real storyline of the entire thing. -------------------------------------------------- Anybody have any other ideas for where this will go? Or any Comments on my ideas about where it will go?
  2. Yep... I remember farming ubrs days on end for the chromatic scales to make the epic chest... now I get 8-9 scales a go...
  3. Towik, YouTube. Mine is "Tell them the lich King is dead. And that Bolvar Fordragon died with him..."
  4. which will help me a lot with it... no rush though... i just got killing floor and am figuring that game out
  5. Starting a topic thread here cause ive been to lazy to do it before now... Just curious about how many people in FeC have Nuclear Dawn and what they like about it. Oh, And any questions you want to throw out there about the game to have answered. And, and anything else nuclear dawn related you want to throw out there.
  6. 134-2 and 3500 points... leggo.

  7. As stated in the title, I was promoted to the Casual Sectional Leadership for Nuclear Dawn. With that being said, i would like to hear from people in FeC who play Nuclear Dawn with any ideas they have about things or any questions they have relating to the game. I am not much a of talker or a speech maker so thank you for your time.
  8. Boss status: 33-0 Nuclear Dawn. Hammer Time.

  9. Boss status: 33-0 Nuclear Dawn. Hammer Time.

  10. Boss status. 26-0 Nuclear dawn.

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