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  1. I know a good handful of FeCers that already show interest/have made pledges, so I'm sure when the game comes around we'll have a good following. :D
  2. I've got a few ideas I plan on implementing to help bolster the FeC prescence in Warframe, and vis versa. Thank you, and I'll see you on the battefield, Tenno! - Witch Hunter Warframe ID: HexeJaeger
  3. I currently do not own a smartphone, or a mobile device with internet capabilities. ._.'
  4. I've uploaded a fully working version of FRAPS (game audio/sound recording) in the TS file vault for those, potentially the designator spectators, who want to record the match. Perhaps that way we can go back and rewatch games in case there's a dispute that boils down to specifics, like a number of epic saves, or how many times Witch Hunter trips over his own shoelaces
  5. James, I've decided to rescind my vote for making Once Upon a Time In Mexico City the map for Round 3. the Patty Bug, mixed with the Handcannon->Dosh exploit make it all too unprofessional for a competitive gaming environment. aka, I think it's bollocks. :P
  6. I wish I could sell Tacos for $1000 to my neighbors... it's a pretty fun game, just got my Zen garden so i'll work on that a tad.
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