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  1. Azorius


  2. So I've updated our Minecraft server to 1.6.2. So all of you can now update the game and enjoy mounts! The horses are really cool, and there are a variety of different horses. http://media-mcw.cursecdn.com/e/ed/HorseBreeds.png Go to that link if you want to see all the possibilities. BTW for those who don't know. The horses move up 1 block high without having to jump, so you can speed right up hills no problem, however in water if it's deeper than 1 they will kick you off. Anyway, enjoy everyone. Enjoy 1.6.2!
  3. Azorius

    Kiina's Back!

    Sorry Mistress of the Oranges.
  4. Azorius

    Kiina's Back!

    What? No oranges?
  5. The minecraft server has been updated to the latest version (1.5.2) and it seems to be working fine. So everyone go ahead and update your minecraft and then log on and play. As always if you find any issues with any particular plugin, or something doesn't work when it used to, then fill out a bug report and either I or blueballs will fix it as soon as we can. Happy Crafting, -Az and Blueballs
  6. I may check it out, but TBH, between school, and other responsibilities, I just don't see it as nothing jumps out at me saying "I must play this." But who knows.
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