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  1. The way I see it is Minecraft is a lot better for building stuff and playing with friends. Terraria is pretty awful for building things because of the way light works (if you DO decide to sculpt in Terraria, you need to put torches every few meters inside of the construction or the inside will be obscured by darkness) and because everything exists in a two-dimensional Cartesian grid (meaning that Terraria art is more like an MS paint drawing than a sculpture). Combat in Minecraft -sucks-, but it works in Terraria because it's an arcade-style game specifically designed to focus more on combat (the goal in Terraria is to upgrade your weapons and armor to beat four bosses to clear a world). There's also a lot more equipment and magic in Terraria that Minecraft leaves out. That said, I always have more fun playing Minecraft with friends or Terraria alone. They're VERY different games and it's wrong to compare them just because you can dig in both of them. Lol
  2. I love this game but I only have the iPhone version. :D Also there's a minigame version of it in World of Warcraft!
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