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  1. Whats all your guys Origin accounts so we can get everybody added to play some Battlefield 3 in its Beta and after! Mines Oddlynice1
  2. I don't know if any of you have heard of it, played it, or anything else of that nature. But it is a rather fun game, and would be cool to get some more people to play with when I actually do play. APB Website It was originally a P2P game that went under because it didn't have enough of a player base. That's when GamersFirst a F2P game company bought it up and started tweaking it up a bit. From there its pretty fun! I play on the West Coast Server (Colby) I play Criminal as well as Enforcer. Criminal = Oddlynice Enforcer = SamITotallyAm (Don't ask me, the girlfriend made the character and named her as well.)
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