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  1. I play as "reverend boomerzdude", usually on the chicago hard server. I am a believer and follower of Baconology. May the bacon grease flow with you. kfintro is a pretty broken map it just as the intro spinning in the middle and no zeds spawning, might think about removing that map because like a hooker with an STD it promises a good time but leaves you feeling less than pleased. There is another one where one of the trader doors doesnt open fully and you can get trapped inside for the remainder of the game unless you kill yourself but I cannot for the life of me think of that maps name atm. I'll get back to you on what map that is. Would ask where you guys all are but apparently your all in warframe, although I have seen two of you burrito and someone else. If I have suggestions about map removals like kfintro should I send it as a support ticket or add it here?
  2. Sorry for bumping this as its a bit old. If your thinking of a "lifetime" admin package for a game like killing floor maybe go for something like $60(One year full for one server) or $100(High number thats nice and even)? Gotta really look at how many sales you have for the monthly. If you guys have alot of people paying for say only 2-3 months and your only getting $30-$45 max outta them anyways since they get bored of the game and then move on to another game would be better served getting the $60 upfront and possibly having a stronger admin show up (Although I have found that welding assholes in with fleshpounds does wonders for getting them to leave a game) and getting more people to come onto the website and purchase admin by seeing a fellow admin. Also with lifetime admin people already have the admin they feel more "devoted" to playing on the server they have admin in. Also feel that when people pay for lifetime they act better, lotta people burn through $5, be a dick fuck it. It's only $5. You spend $60-$100 on it, it's a large investment even though over time it adds up to the same amount they know they paid that much instead of slowly handing out $5 a month. Not gonna buy it either way lol but thats my 2 cents on the matter.
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