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  1. I re-subscribed, and I like the new method a lot better! Great work, and thanks!
  2. Very hard decision indeed! I love berserker, demo, support, sniper, firebug in that order. I do think it is best to know how all the classes work in order to help your teammates better. Beserker, sniper, and support are the easiest solo classes, and demo is the worst solo class. Does this make demo a poor choice? Of course not! Demo is awesome, if you have a full team that keeps the small stuff and scrakes under control. The classes that kill everyone great are sniper and support, which is why I sometimes play them more when the team needs a little more firepower vs scrakes and fleshpounds. Still, I prefer to have demos kill fleshpounds over snipers, because demos are faster, and you get to see fun explosions! :)
  3. Many of you would like to see an end to this tournment. Here is my plan. If you have a better idea, talk to me. This tournament ends within one week (4/20/2013). Round 3 is a lights out map on HoE Hospitalhorrors [you can thank Papaburrito for the map ;-) ] You can do what you want to perk-wise. You will be judged on player deaths/teamwork, heroic saves, and completion time. Let me know via the forums or in teamspeak3 if your team is going to participate in Round 3 or finish Round 2. Thanks everyone!
  4. Witch Hunter, I agree with you and the map for 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico City' will not be our round 3 map. Thanks for your very helpful input! If you have additional map suggestions, do let me know! Thanks! James
  5. Ace is Dark. Our name is Sunny Ravens though, not Db, as we agreed.
  6. Team Raven Sunny's: earned 15/15 for round 1 and earned 23/23 for round 2. Azorius lead the scoreboard with 888 kills on Round 2, and did multiple epic saves! Drako filled in for Dark. Azorius died on wave 5 and wave 10, but as he died he saved the team! (There were not enough deaths for this team to lose points during round 2, and this information may be used as a tiebreaker event, per my discretion). Waiting to do round 3. Team Chicken Chokers: finished round 1 in 55 minutes for a full 15/15 points. Earned 23/23 for Round 2: Pinch hitting for Potato, Ryker took a fleshpound to the knee for Potato. Such a brave soul. Its too bad he hit his suicide key when fighting the patriarch. I think Ryker just was in a compassionate mood that moment. :P. Waiting to do round 3. Team Xcalibur and company: got to the patriarch, earned 12/15 points on round 1. Waiting to do round 2 and round 3. Team Welding Brothers, Inc. and company: earned 12/15 points on round 1 and earn 23/23 for round 2. Had 2/3 players alive at all times. Ryker was brave and took a bullet a few times for his welding brothers. :) Waiting to do round 3. Current standings: Team Chicken Chokers (tied, but slightly better finishes timewise) have 1st place, followed by Team Raven Sunny's (tied) have first place, followed by Team Welding Brothers, Inc (3rd place), followed by Team Xcalibur and company (4th place). Prizes are: full killing floor DLC (except gold weapons) + whatever Xcalibur has
  7. Team Raven Sunny's earned 15/15 points round 1 and 23/23 points for round 2 and has not finished round 3. Team Chicken Chokers earned 15/15 points round 1
  8. Team Raven Sunny's earned 15/15 points round 1 and 23/23 points for round 2 and has not finished round 3. Team Chicken Chokers earned 15/15 points round 1
  9. Hi Everyone, Please let me know via the poll if you want to see a download option that is up-to-date for all killing floor maps on our servers. Thanks! James
  10. Round 1 will be closing 2/17/2013 and Round 2 will be starting the same day. If your team was unable to get together, you may join one of the 2 teams that did participate fully in Round 1. Ryker, SenatorSmash, Witch Hunter, and OceanFire can qualify for Round 2 as that existing team, provided they submit to a test of my choosing (to prevent them for needing to replay the whole entire map since their team disconnected involuntarily :D ) If Ryker's team/team-members choose to disband, they are free to join one of the 2 other teams. There may be up to 7 people per team (alternates to prevent scheduling issues :D ) This is not an elimination tournament! That means all teams will play all rounds :D Round 1: worth 15 points for completion, 12 points if you didnt beat the patriarch Round 2: worth 23 points:Difficulty: HoE. Map: A non-mission map will be chosen at random. (2 points each first 10 waves, 3 points patriarch) Round 3: worth 35 points (7 points each for waves 1-4, 5 points wave 5): mission map on suicidal, chosen by me. Rules for Round 2: One unique perk per person is allowed.. no multiple berserkers, for instance. At wave 11, you can have up to 4 of the same perk, if you choose. The hc exploit is not to be used. Points will be deducted for teams that have two people finish each wave if this happens more than one time per map. Up to 3 bonus points awarded at my discretion. Rules for Round 3: Suicidal Mission map of my choice. Points will be give for (1) how far you got into the mission map, (2) team members not dying, and (3) up to 5 bonus points for super/creative saves at my discretion. No perk stacking, just as in rules for round 2.
  11. There are 10 days left for people to participate in the Killing Floor tournament sponsored by myself and FeC. Papaburrito and his team of Chickenators finished the Round 1 map on normal in 55 minutes. If you and your team cannot schedule a game with someone from a different team to spectate the match within 10 days, your team is no longer eligible to win 1st place in the tournament.
  12. Our team name will be [FeC] *Db*, many thanks to Ace for helping us out with choosing a name!
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