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    Killing Floor, World of Tanks, Minecraft, Realm of the mad god.
    Blender and GIMP.
    Sauerbraten, Urban Terror, many many other games.
  1. Dang, really wanna try warframe but my computer won't run it. May try it sometime. FEC servers are fun, but is there a private server? When i have a big enough group of friends together i don't like random people joining and leaving.
  2. I'm Teh_Bucket0 on steam, I play killing floor all the time. But I hate joining random games and sometimes dealing with the worst players, so I started making a giant friends list of KF'ers. If you want to join this list, I'll invite you to whenever a group of us are going to play, and possibly host a private server.
  3. Very hard decision. Recently I've really been enjoying firebug, as I really like the touch-and-burn mechanic, but long-term I have to say Sharpshooter is my favourite. As long as you can get to them before someone starts angering them, I can support the team by taking out just about all of the scrakes and fleshpounds. Really takes proper teamwork and cooperation though. Plenty of different pistol combos are sufficient to take out the rest of the baddies. I also have to throw my love in for beserker- It's fun being in the middle of everything, adrenaline rush and improvising everything. I play katana of course, then get a dwarfs axe for independent husks and sirens, rushing scrakes (cuz you can knock them back) and of course fleshpounds. I'm usually the crazy beserker that rushes the fleshpound with my axe after all my armour's gone, hey, it works sometimes.
  4. I'm pretty much at home in front of my desktop all of my waking hours, so I can't rationalize using anything more than a dumb-phone, though I'd love to play with one.
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