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  1. Unfortunately I have to cancel my "subscription" to team Venture. I just learned that my parents want to go visiting the relatives... and I am supposed to stick with them. I won't be able to access a computer let alone the net there.
  2. i'd be interested to join. Drop me a pm if anybody wants to adopt me ^^
  3. Welcome back! Have been wondering where you've been!
  4. Happy Birthday Azorius! May the force... errr FeC be with you.
  5. Its been exhibited on the games convention in Germany in 2010. And for satan's sake, I can't remember how it was called.
  6. I totally agree with point one and two of your most important list, though in my opinion sound and aesthetics are switched around. Have you ever played an intense game without sound at all? The pictures you are shown on the screen somewhat loose mood and depth and can't transport the message properly all alone. The other way around though. In some games i sometimes close my eyes to better listen where the enemy comes from or to simply enjoy the ambience. There is even a game which completely works without images. You even have to put on a helmet which makes sure no bit of light reaches your eyes. You have to orient yourself solely by sound, if I only remembered how that game was called :-/ Just my 2 cents
  7. Recently I've been promoted to Casual Section Leadership for Realm of the Mad God. I hope to bring together a nice group of RotMGers to have some fun killing gods and loot epic equipment. For all those out there who don't know RotMG yet, it is a co-op action arcade shooter mmorpg. Do you remember those arcade top down or sidescrolling arcade shooters? You liked those? Be sure to have a look at RotMG then. Of course you can approach me for any questions concerning this game which I'll answer as best as I can. Yeah thats pretty much it. And happy FeCing!!
  8. Hilarious! Simply hilarious! lol
  9. K-Duke


    This really looks like being worth to look ^^ This thing might be able to get me into cinema since years X-D
  10. K-Duke


    Don't listen to them. You don't need to hide from anyone here. If you have any guns ready that is of course. Otherwise just hide
  11. K-Duke

    Beat this score!

    Now that score just is :blink::blink:WTF?
  12. Hey K-Duke I need to speak with you about the notes for the last monthly event on reasons each individual that did not attend and what we can do to increase attendance.

  13. I don't think it will help much with updates for games. It will probably only fill the pockets of some distributors and managers though not the game developers pockets who need the money for further development. So basicly screw it!
  14. It looks pretty sweet. Though, as Bandit said, it probably won't be really powerful. They said it is based on Intel Atom CPUs. The strongest of that kind is 1.8 Ghz Dual Core currently. So I'm not really that convinced except they got a special CPU for it from Intel which I highly doubt.
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