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  1. Towik


  2. RR is mostly on pvp.net , but i have no seen him on the ts
  3. Like i said it could be changed , since it's been a while since i checked.
  4. It's all cool Xcal , but the thing is , at least when the last time i checked . The max resolution for an image was limited and so on , so sometimes it's just looks like crap when you upload it . I do understand that you have been always thinking about the clan dearly , and yes i think a lot of people appreciate it , as me too. I do not wish to sound like an asshole or something , i am just sharing my opinion . All i can say about the Thread is pack it to a rar or zip and then attach it , so everyone can download the Replay and see it . and by the way , great Christmas skin.
  5. Xcal doesnt like external links , we cannot even posts Imageshack , even if i had premium for so long >.> Anyway a fix , pack the replay into a rar or zip and attach it.
  6. I can Gift KF to someone with Defence Alliance 2 , just let me know , if i will still have it , i wanna get rid off this as fast as i can so i posted on OCN too. edit: The games were given to a member of OCN forums.
  7. umm. that's kinda random but a good random lol ^_^
  8. Sorry Xcal , but lately i have no time to look around carefully , since constantly i am being doing that and that , i played only once LoL in the last 25 days lol , a record about the spoilers I only did one spoiler about the ending , nothing more , other was just my opinion and what they could do . Just read , i don't think i typed something not understandable or so :(
  9. .................................... Bold = my statement how i feel about it underline = How i would like the game to continue , but i think everyone that played , knows that it will not happen Strike Through = A little spoiler and how i feel West , i think you are tired or something :(
  10. I don't see an option called "spoiler" on clan forum ._. Most forums have that :( I don't think i said any spoilers , saying that there is only one ending means nothing cause i dint said what happens , or any more information like that o.o , anyway i go keep moding textures , yay.
  11. I was typing this few hours ago but i had to go to the construction site or what ever you call it in English . Anyway the thing i wanted to add is , I dint say i hate Blizzard , i dislike EA and i don't think Blizzard is the same as EA and they are not because the support with Blizzard is always good , they tend to listen , with EA they are racists , (...) I had many problems with their support and thousands of people had it, or even million + About StarCraft II , i like it , i made few maps and ended having a problem at a mission where you have to move your base [supernove ?] but in the end i think it was my dying 1TB Diablo 3 , I dint play WoW , i only know what people said about the engine or so , but i look at that with half open eyes , cause that's just hating , i cannot hate or dislike something like WoW , when i dint played it , or even seen it and i don't think i hate Diablo 3 or dislike it , cause i only played 25 minutes of Beta on my friend's place . I just dint like the game too much as the earlier releases , but i think that goes to all of the games , like Mass effect and so on , cause it's really hard to make a game that will be far better or the same as the tittle before . cheers sorry for the un-sorted text , i just came back and my eyes are still itching [do i remember that word correctly lol] , gonna go eat dinnah.
  12. No one said anything about how long they make a game . Their Beta's are hard to get into it . If they open Beta's a little more they will get more people to help create and un-bug the game faster . I don't care how much they make money , it's how they make it , how they treat customers and future customers , 6 years ago Blizzard was awesome . if you think i am the only one that thinks Blizzard is going the wrong way , then i don't know what to say .I had pre order of Diablo 3 , a long time ago but after i saw few things , i changed my mind completely :(
  13. I throw-ed up after playing beta for 25 minutes , so no thank you... Blizzard is becoming like EA , so another no thank you.
  14. YouTube is a trashcan , nothing less nothing more then that I prefer information from a clan-mate then a random video that most likely will be a troll :(
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