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  1. I am tempted to make this my girlfriend and I's first move together :)
  2. Anyone else as excited as me!??!!?!?!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW7qO_wpfvk&ob=av3n brb, need to change my underwear
  3. i still play from time to time, seems to be more around the holidays when it goes on sale more than anytime
  4. Gratz Etti :) Phoenix was just telling me the other day but now it is confirmed with pics w00t w00t :) keep us updated on the progress on the little FeC'rs
  5. win. these are just a few of the reasons i love japan :)
  6. hot damn, i saw that vid in my youtube and figured it was dave that did it. guess i still have a lot to learn :p
  7. i am quite interested in this game now that blakie gave me a good tutorial. i think it will be a great game to play at work for me. also i donate a lot :)
  8. i like it.....might make it my new ringtone :p
  9. yeah i watched an interview vid the other day with the creator explaining it. looks pretty cool
  10. keeeeep dreaming Tex :p i would play with all of you any day. i do looooooveeeee me some BL :) ps - tex your a fag
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