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  1. Westmin

  2. Upcoming Game Star Citizen

    Already have two ships. I am already part of another organization, however.
  3. Effective today, I am no longer leading Warframe. The new job, moving, and other factors are limiting both my game time and types of games I can be involved in. Good luck James!
  4. James (In-game J4mes) was offered and has accepted the position of Co-Leader for Warframe. Congratulations and I look forward to working together to make some fun things happen! - Westmin
  5. Warframe has a Section Leader!

    Quality leader material right there. awesomeness I hope.
  6. Your Favorite class and why?

    For a moment I thought this was school-related. In that case, it would have to be "International Transactions Clinic" because it's not a class, but a job that teaches useful things. In the actual case... Sharpshooter because, well... I, because I don't like the other ones.
  7. I'm very happy about this. thanks for filling us in Bandit
  8. If I'm reading this right, they just hit $900,000. Very much hope to see this come about, as I'm still huge into Forged Alliance.
  9. I have returned!

    So you say. I have no proof. Maybe they kept you and sent back a robot that thinks it's you. Japan can do that.
  10. I am so confused... so are there three endings or not? because... you just said there were three endings and said that one was a time-travel event... I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take that other than that it's a spoiler. I don't really care, but I also just didn't expect to see it.
  11. Are you really just putting spoilers up for no apparent reason? Thanks, no really, thanks. From all the people that haven't had the money or time to finish the game seeking all three endings.
  12. Diablo3 Release Date

    As with all things Blizzard, I will probably buy it after finals, and I until then I will say that I trust Blizzard because they are generally pretty good about having quality worthwhile products. I was a little disappointed with SC2 because I felt like they could have done so much more, but even so, it was a great game and well worth the buy. Also, I don't like haters. Stop hating. Le fin.
  13. What is the Best 3D Browser RPG Game?

    Progress Quest 3D
  14. Haven Hearths

    I LOVE me some hardcore mode. (cries over the sad demise of HG:L)