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    About FeC
    We are a laid back multi-gaming casual community and tournament clan.
    FeC's History
    {H2O} back in the day was a clan entirely made up of members from Utah. Azorius and I Joined them. After some time the clan fell apart, and it was just us 2. We then remade {H2O} in 1998 to try and follow in their footsteps. We started in quake and soon moved into games like Battlefield 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, Team Fortress Classic, Everquest 2, Dungeons and Dragons: Online. During the time of playing Soldier of Fortune 2 around June 16th 2002 - Our Name Changed to [FeC]. During all these games we were a single game clan trying to become a Multi-gaming clan. Every time we quit a game, the clan would fall apart, and we would lose most every member. After trial and error, we finally got a stable Multi-gaming clan.
    Story on the [FeC] name
    We were debating a new name for the clan for a few hours, neither of us could think of one. Xcalibur's brother started to get sick of us debating over this name so he blurted out "Just call yourself [FeC] - Farmers of the Eastern Caribbean." Azorius and Xcalibur looked at each other and said "perfect". Xcalibur's Brother said, I was just kidding, there's no such thing as a farmer of the eastern caribbean. Ever since then, we have used this name proudly and still to this day, he laughs at us for using it.
    FeC's Name Change History.
    1998 - June 15th 2002 = {H2O} (Water/Hard 2 Own) June 16th 2002- Present = [FeC] (Farmers of the Eastern Caribbean)
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